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What are wisdom teeth?

Having wisdom teeth are considered as a journey to the mysteries of the mouth. Many people have been wondering how and when it will appear in their lifetime. It has been surrounded also by mythical meanings that wisdom teeth could make you wiser in life.

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When do wisdom teeth come in?

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The appearance of wisdom teeth or sometimes called as third molars happen during and in between the age of 17 to 25. People of long ago, called it as teeth of wisdom because it normally comes during adulthood and they thought that it gives more wisdom to man.It is where at this age a person is assumed to be at its maturity period. It was called as wisdom tooth because unlike the normal tooth that appears when we were babies; this one appears when we are more mature ones. These are the last to appear that denotes changes in the mouth because they are the said to be the last set of molars and are commonly skewed.

If these are misaligned, it should be removed soonest so it will not give any sting and discomfort. It has been believed that wisdom teeth can be helpful in chewing food especially if it comes in the right position and is not giving you any distress. Wisdom teeth should be examined by the dentist to see to it that there would be no presence of bacteria and to make sure that it will not cause damage to its neighboring teeth the usual thing.Impacted wisdom teeth should be removed as early as it grows because these can give you pain, damage to teeth and could give you dental problems in the future which would result in difficulty undergoing surgery.

Normally, our gums can hold 28 teeth in position but to include wisdom teeth, it could give us 32 to sum it up which will be difficult to find its place to grow. Once these happen, wisdom teeth may grow within our jaw, in the bones or in between teeth. At this point, wisdom teeth should be extracted as this will give us danger and lead to dental problems. Sometimes the appearance of wisdom teeth gives no symptoms, but if there isn’t enough space, the problem takes place. There are some scenarios where wisdom teeth do not erupt and just remain inside the gums and bone where they are hidden and are not giving you pain. But there are some also where it partially or erupts and are giving you jaw pain and trouble. The presence of a dentist is a must during this time.

Dentists could provide us details about expected symptoms for a wisdom teeth possible eruption. He/she can give us the dos and the advice on what to do. Surgeries happen at this time in most cases as it is the only way dentist can treat it if it’s already swollen. Headaches and excessive pain concerning the eyes, ears may be the result of erupting wisdom teeth. If you have felt these things, you must see a dentist because these are believed to be the signs of the growth of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth should be extracted as early as possible to come up with an easy surgical procedure.

At this point, our teeth are not yet fully developed so the easier it can be extracted. There are a lot of people waiting for their wisdom teeth to appear and are blinded by the fact that not every one of us experienced to have wisdom teeth. We don’t also experience the same situation when it comes to wisdom teeth so we should not take note of the traumatic familiarity other people concerns about. Having these wisdom teeth does not speak or determine how wise you are and you can be. Definitely, it has nothing to do about someone being wiser than anybody.

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